Need a Heathier Sales Operation?



  1. Your sales team is under-performing and not reaching their goals.
  2. Your sales team is working hard, but lack the skills they need to succeed.

Ask Yourself These Questions


  • Are you satisfied with the performance of your sales team?
  • Are your salespeople reaching the goals you set for them?
  • What percentage of your salespeople are reaching their goals?
  • Do your salespeople appear to be working hard?
  • Are your salespeople making enough cold calls?
  • Are your people spending too much time on the phone? 
  • Is your sales staff getting the maximum dollars out of each sales opportunity or are they leaving money on the table?
  • Do you feel your salespeople need sales coaching?   



  • Audit sales operation to uncover barriers to success
  • Evaluate sales personnel to determine if they possess the appropriate sales skills, industry knowledge, attitude and aptitude
  • Evaluate policies to determine if they are aligned with company goals
  • Evaluate procedures to determine if they are aligned with company goals and if they are being followed by the sales personnel
  • Evaluate the practices of the salespeople
  • Provide appropriate coaching
  • Provide custom fixes for all problems uncovered
  • No long-term commitment  

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